University of Victoria Graduate Student Conference

University of Victoria,Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
March 10‐12, 2011

Guest Speaker: Hiromi Goto

The fantastic has occupied the literary imagination of readers and scholars across historical, theoretical and  cultural contexts. Representations of the fantastic in literature rely on formal and generic types, tropes, and  archetypes to mediate between depictions of “fantasy” and “reality.” Present in myth and folklore, the gothic  and neo-­gothic, and contemporary and mainstream fantasy, the fantastic reach stretches into many  conceptions of literature over time. This graduate student conference encourages discussions of the fantastic  to make connections across literature. Participating scholars will connect with other researchers through a  variety of events with writers and academics. Graduate students will have the opportunity to present papers  on several aspects of the fantastic in literature to bring together divergent research methods. Creative writing  consistent with the conference themes will also be accepted. Collaboration and communication will further the  dissemination of new and interesting research on the fantastic in literature. Possible topics include, but are not  limited to:

  • Gothic and Neo‐gothic
  • Supernatural
  • Depictions of the supernatural in nature
  • Liminality and border-crossing
  • Fantasy and the body
  • Anthropomorphism
  • Representations of the afterlife
  • Folktales and legend
  • Mythology
  • Mysticism
  • Haunting the domestic
  • The trickster
  • Supernatural representations of animals
  • Imaginative truth
  • Graphic novels writing/illustrating the fantastic
Submission Guidelines:
Submissions of both academic and creative writing will be considered for this conference. For all academic papers, please submit a proposal/abstract between 300 and 500 words by January 20, 2011. Creative writing should not exceed ten double‐spaced pages and can be sent in its entirety. Please note that presentations should be a maximum of twenty minutes in length. 

For additional information about the conference, including presentation format, submissions, submission guidelines, speakers, or any other considerations, please contact

How to Submit: 
Please submit proposals via email to 

All proposals must be submitted by January 20, 2011. 

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